Fractional Ownership

What is a Fractional Ownership Program?

Our fractional ownership program for motor homes allows multiple owners to share the costs and benefits of owning a luxurious motor home. Through a contract with a management company, owners can reduce their expenditure and carrying costs while enjoying unrestricted and fair use of their individual units. With the option to exchange to newer models and various tax advantages, our program maximizes returns on this enjoyable investment vehicle.


Highlights of Fractional Ownership

  • Undivided Interest – Owners enjoy the flexibility of choosing their desired size of motor home, subject to the terms of their purchase agreement, along with their vacation times.
  • Management Fee – A single, annual charge covers all indirect costs including cleaning, overall light maintenance, storage and turnaround inspections.
  • Guaranteed Availability-Motor Home Travel will always provide you with a unit to fit your personal needs, and fulfill the terms of the Owner’s Agreement.
  • Exchange Option – As an owner, you have direct access to all other models available on our program, subject to the terms of the Owner’s Agreement.
  • Fair Market Value – You may terminate your participation with Motor Home Travel at any time, subject to the term’s Purchase Agreement. Fractional Ownership is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. Why? Because it works…very, very well.

If you are interested in our fractional ownership program for luxurious motor homes, please contact us for more information. We would be happy to assist you.