Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

If you have ever considered owning or even renting a luxurious motor home for your next motorhome vacation experience, we are positive that we have the RV financing program for you. Whether the idea of owning by way of a ‘fractional ownership’, or having a management company look after your rental income producing investment, we have unequalled expertise and knowledge on how to maximize your return on this fun investment vehicle.

Simply put, ‘Fractional Ownership’ consists of more than one owner of a particular motor home contracting with a management company to reduce the expenditure and carrying costs of ownership, allowing the multiple owner’s unrestricted and yet fair use of their individual unit.

Exchanging to a newer model could be arranged should the owner group wish to trade to a larger or even a more luxuriously appointed model haga clic en este enlace ahora. Each unit is a standalone entity, thus ensuring the refunding of all taxes payable upon purchase, along with generous tax advantages allowed on the monthly rental income; this along with depreciation, interest on the bank loan, all maintenance and even license plates and insurance would be included in all calculations.

Our ‘Recreational Vehicle Management Program’ may also be of interest should you find yourself using a motor home more than a few times a year, or simply to help overcome the ever increasing costs of hotel and airline ticket prices. With as little as a 10% down payment, select your make and model of new product, then allow us to rent it out (usually 6-7 times a year to families just like yours) and have all payments associated with ownership covered off by the rental income produced, on a monthly basis.

Each of our unique and proven methods of motor home ownership are aimed at folk who may have rented from us in the past, previous or current owners of any type of recreational product looking for a more economical way to own and use a luxury motor home, and others who are simply looking for an investment vehicle that they can use and enjoy year round.

How would you like to buy a current year Motor Home for as little as 10%?

This once exclusive method of purchasing jet aircraft or large yachts is now available to the Recreational Vehicle industry veteran dealing specifically with motor homes. This over 40-year old concept offers the benefits and pleasure of owning a luxury motor home for a fraction of the cost.

Highlights of Fractional Ownership

  • Undivided Interest – Owners enjoy the flexibility of choosing their desired size of motor home, subject to the terms of their purchase agreement, along with their vacation times.
  • Management Fee – A single, annual charge covers all indirect costs including cleaning, overall light maintenance, storage and turnaround inspections.
  • Guaranteed Availability-Motor Home Travel will always provide you with a unit to fit your personal needs, and fulfill the terms of the Owner’s Agreement.
  • Exchange Option – As an owner, you have direct access to all other models available on our program, subject to the terms of the Owner’s Agreement.
  • Fair Market Value – You may terminate your participation with Motor Home Travel at any time, subject to the term’s Purchase Agreement. Fractional Ownership is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. Why? Because it works…very, very well.