RVMP Program

RVMP Program

Recreational Vehicle Management Program

Highlights of RVMP

  • Four significant rental sources: Local, Corporate, Overseas, and Film Production Companies
  • 60% Share in rental income can offset motor home financing, insurance and license costs
  • Free owner use, free storage
  • Refund of HST
  • Rental income is tax free
  • Only 10% down payment
  • Professional management company provides you with worry free day to day operations
  • Renters are pre-approved by insurance company
  • $3,000 security deposit for class C and $4,000 for Class A motor homes insures care of motor home

Rental Revenue Sources

Local and repeat renters are generated by traditional and online advertising. Just Google Motor Home Travel Canada, motor home rentals, Ontario motorhomes, or RV rentals and you are directed to our website motorhometravel.com

Computerized Reservation System provides accurate up to date reports of availability, and vehicle performance.

Overseas Tour Wholesalers and their networks of travel agents publish and promote Motor Home Travel Canada worldwide:

  • Online Republic
  • Camper Travel
  • Worldwide Wheels

Corporate: Film Productions

Film productions use motorhomes for their stars, make-up and on-site staff requirements. Corporate rentals have been an ever growing embellishment of the motor home rental business. Current & past productions using our fleet include:

  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • The Firm Television Productions
  • Buy Herself
  • The Listener
  • Cineflix – Cash & Cari3
  • Cottage Country Productions


  • The PC Party of Ontario
  • The Liberal Party of Ontario
  • City of Toronto


While we do not profess to be tax specialists there are CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax provisions and regulations from which our fleet of owners currently enjoys significant benefits.


The HST paid on the purchase of an asset whose purpose is to generate income is refundable to the business as an input tax credit.

The 13% HST paid on the purchase of your motor home can be refunded to you as an ITC (Input Tax Credit).

HST tax received from the rentals of a motor home by operating company is paid to the motor home owner who then remits it to CRA.

Income Tax

Income generated from rental income can be reduced by normal operating expense to establish taxable income. These expenses include interest on financing, insurance, license costs and depreciation.
For example:

Rental Income 30′ motor home $11,988
Less: Interest on loan -5,483
Commercial Insurance -2,300
License plates -100
Sub-total $4,105
Less Depreciation
$80,000 x 30%
(15% in year of acquisition) = $9,600
Allowable deduction -4,105
(Deduction may not exceed income)
Taxable Income 0.00

Owner Use

  • Owner inspections of their motor home can be conducted at any time during the year at no charge.
  • Inspections conducted during the primary rental season will negatively impact rental revenues.
  • All owner inspections are arranged through our reservations system by telephone or e-mail requests.
  • There is no charges payable to the management company for owner inspections.

Owner Obligations

  • Provide insurance as arranged by the manager
  • Motor Vehicle Permits
  • Non-warranty service

Managers Responsibilities 40% Management Fee

  • Develop ads and brochures
  • Advertising to Local Clients
  • Marketing Overseas Tour Wholesalers
  • Marketing Production Companies
  • Promote rentals at trade shows
  • Assisting clients with travel itineraries
  • Collect all receipts
  • Driver insurance pre-approvals
  • Rental contracts
  • RV turnaround inspections
  • RV Cleaning
  • Gas and propane fills
  • Airport transfers
  • Pickup demonstrations
  • Providing Operator’s manual
  • On road repair support
  • Vehicle check-ins
  • Damage estimates and collections
  • Damage repair
  • Accounting and statements
  • Cheques and owner payments
  • Providing storage facilities
  • Providing trained personnel