Question & Answers

How will I know you will rent my motor home?

All motor homes in our rental fleet are privately owned and booked sequentially. Bookings are assigned based on days per motorhome rental to ensure as even a distribution as possible.

When do I get paid?

Each owner is paid quarterly following the drop off of the motorhome.

What if a renter damages my motor home?

Each renter is required to provide us with a cash or credit card security deposit, $3,000.00 for C-Class, $4,000.00 for A-Class. In the unlikely event that the motorhome is returned with damage, the value of the damage is assessed by the RV service department and that value is withheld from the security deposit.

How do I arrange to use my motor home?

Owner usage is subject to availability and existing bookings on their units.

Do I have to pay income tax on the rental income?

Contact us for details.

Who takes care of the repairs?

The fully licensed team of service professionals at Motor Home Travel Canada will make it a priority to ensure your motorhome is maintained in like new condition.

What about storage or winter use?

Motor home storage is included at no extra cost. We send many families to RV vacations in the sunny south every winter.

How long will the motor home be rented?

We will rent your motorhome in our Premier Fleet for 10 years. If you wish to continue to rent your motorhome beyond the 10 years we offer our clients the option of an Economy Fleet at a 15% discount.

Do I have to incorporate a company?

The majority of our owners are families and do not incorporate a company.

How much is the insurance?

The insurance cost runs approximately $250-300 per month.

Who gets the licence plates and renewals?

We offer our owners a full service program at Motor Home Travel Canada and will look after getting your annual license sticker.

What is the best size to buy?

There is very good demand for all sizes at this time. We strongly encourage our owners to purchase the motorhome that best suits their personal needs.